March Fishing – A Transitional bite

By | March 17, 2014

Conditions are warming yet the Spring bite has not taken off. We caught some reds and a variety of other fish. Lots of rain has pushed bait and fish to saltier water or deep. Best chances of catching fish have been on carolina rigs fishing in the heads of creeks or fishing the flats for shallow water reds. Live shrimp in the bait shops is in short supply. The guys at Adams Bait House were catching plenty of shrimp but these shrimp have vanished. Most bait shops are well supplied with mud minnows and some shops such as Stewart’s Bait Shop on Tybee is well supplied with fiddler crabs. Nonetheless, its best to call ahead if you plan on fishing live bait. Adams Bait House number is 912.898.1550. Stewart’s Bait Shop is 012.786.7472

In the coming days Spring conditions will return and we’ll see the bite heating up! In the mean time this could be good time to pitch soft plastic for redfish. For best chances of success on bait try fishing baits on or close to the bottom. Bait such as mud minnows can be found in the heads of creeks. White birds, egrets feeding can indicate bait and likely fish. The bite at present is not hot but will heating up in the coming days and weeks!

What the best fish for? The one that is biting. Sheepshead and sea bass on nearshore wrecks, reds on the flats or in the heads of the creeks. For reds soft plastics, live, dead or cut bait or fish a combo of baits such as a medium sized mud minnow and a piece of shrimp. The bite at present is not hot but its possible to catch some nice fish.

The bite will be heating in the coming days! March is a transitional month going from winter to spring. Rapidly chancing conditions can make fishing difficult. Once the bite heats ups there could be days when a fisherman can nice fish on a bare hook.

Hope this report is of help and interest! Keep only what you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan