Inshore Fishing Report

By | September 22, 2014

The inshore and near shore bite is turning on with good numbers of seatrout and redfish showing up! Most are still small for keeping. That said someone wanting to keep a some fish will likely find success. Lots of bait is showing up in local creeks and rivers. Shrimp are looking plentiful as well as small river pogies and finger mullet. When bait show up, the fish will follow. Bait is looking good; likewise fishing is pretty good!

Large red drum can be found in the sounds and on the beachfront! Menhaden and mullet are running on the beachfront! When bait starts to run fish will show up! There are still lots of sharks: bonnet heads, sand bars, black tips, bulls and lemons as well some large red drum and tarpon. Whiting a small pan fish that is commonly used as bait can found in the sounds as well.

In the coming days and weeks fishing will action will likely continue to heat up as fish pack on calories during the fall. Seatrout and redfish this time of year are growing fast (likely an inch a month).

There is still lots of trash fish in local waters. These are variety of small fish that can quickly strip a shrimp off a fisherman’s hook. Bait shrimp are still on the small size and plentiful. You might go through lots of shrimp is a day’s fishing. Other baits such as menhaden and finger mullet could put fish in your boat that might not other wise bite. Having a cast net on board is a plus. Throwing a cast net in areas on high water with oyster rake around or you’re not sure of the bottom can result in torn nets. When throwing where you’re not sure of the bottom its likely best to pull your net before it reaches the bottom. When throwing for medium size menhaden in a river it likely you wont find bait your bait till your is down maybe 15 feet. If you accidentally find structure make a mental note on better yet a mark on your gps. A torn net might find drop to fish another day!

Hope this is of interest and help! Keep only what you want to eat and release the rest. Obey all regulations!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan
Coastal River Charters