Redfish in Savannah

By | October 10, 2013

Fishing has been good as fall progresses! Some fishermen are saying this might be one best fall seasons on the coast! There are lots of shrimp in the creeks and rivers! Most the shrimp have bright red legs. These are shrimp that on the move. As shrimp move from the sounds to the back waters the fish are following. Water temperature is still in low to mid 70’s. Mild or moderate water temperature means little fish commonly referred to as bait stealer can be a nuisance. Little fish, bait stealers can also indicate a food chain and the presence of larger fish. So have plenty of bait and don’t get discourage if bait stealers are present. Try fishing the bait stealer!

The redfish bite has been good! The reds showed up a little later this year. That said, redfish numbers look good! October is often considered the month for redfish! Large stage bass can be found marauding the beachfronts. As schools of mullet and menhaden cruise the beach so will large red drum and tarpon! Redfish numbers in the back waters look good! Pitching jig loaded with a live or dead shrimp is very effective as well a float rig with a live or dead bait. When tides are springing and fronts push through fishing can be challenging but even on the most challenging days fishermen are finding fish. As tides abate and fronts push out the bite the bite will likely turn on.

Ladyfish are still numerous. These are fun fighting messy fish. Seatrout and ladyfish can together. If the drop you fighting is thick with ladyfish it likely best to try another drop if you looking for seatrout. Ladyfish are great bait fish but if you take one be prepared for a mess.

The seatrout bite has been good! The best bite is still close to the sounds but will change more inland in the coming days and weeks. Redfish and seatrout are keying on shrimp. Its likely better bite will be with shrimp. So far most bait shops have been able to stay supplied. Nonetheless, having a cast net on board could help savage a day on the water.

As tides continue to subside and last week front pushes out the bite will likely be heating up again! Look for fishing action to continue to heat up as the fall progresses.

Keep what you want to eat and release the rest! I hope this report is of interest and help!

Capt. Jack McGowan