Inshore Fishing Report

By | October 4, 2012

Fishing has been good! As we head into the fall temperatures have been warm even summer like. On the other hand, there are plenty of signs of fall! The of the tops of the marsh grass in many places is beginning to take on a brown hue. Sharks which were prevalent during the spring and summer are becoming scare. Although with water temperature still in high 70‘s large schools of large mullet can be seen exploding out of the water by large sharks! There are still plenty of small yellow tails, croakers, pin fish and other small nuisance in local waters. The redfish bite has been good and at times very good! Lots of reds are 15 inches or longer. Shrimp are still difficult to come by. Lots of the shrimp are small but adequate for fishing. As the fall processes shrimp will likely become abundant. Local bait shops on most days are able to find plenty for local fishermen. Mullet is another great bait for the reds! The finger mullet are getting fatter and larger. Some fishermen are saying a little too large for fishing. That said a cutting strips off a mullet can make an irresistible morsel for almost any redfish.

Seatrout action has been good! Several fishermen have taken limits of seatrout during the past week. When shrimp have been scare or the bite slow action pitching plastics has produced nice seatrout and redfish! Sometimes the fishing action can improve dramatically by simply pitching a plastic! If pinfish or bluefish are getting your soft plastics on the first cast this not the place to pitch your plastics. On the other hand, plastics will cover a lot water and can produce some quality fish!

During the last couple weeks there have several triple tails caught on the flats! Fishermen are saying this is late in the season for triple tail. On the other hand, several triple tails have caught in days! Don Adams, Adams Bait House, said he caught two triple tail while dragging for shrimp. Don said he has done this before. Keep your eye on the look out for what looks like a piece trash drifting in the water. These fish can be on the grass line or drifting well off the grass on the flat. Triple tail will eat a variety of bait. Trick is recognizing its a triple tail, being ready to cast and casting close enough to draw a strike .

Tides wont reach the 8 foot range till the 13th. This will likely mean favorable fishing conditions. On the other hand, tides have been running significantly higher than predicted. The cause is complicated likely a unique of wind, rain, and currents. It means fishermen will have to “fish the conditions” rather than what it suppose to be. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. When you find clean water, gentle currents, bait you will likely find fish!

Fishing has been good and will likely be getting better!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan