Inshore Fishing Report

By | March 2, 2011

Windy conditions last week made fishing tough. Blue bill ducks were rafting near the Cockspur light house in the hundreds. Numerous dolphins can be seen in the waterways feeding on small fish such as menhaden and mullet or the more sizable redfish. Prior to the wind there was good redfish action on the flats and in the heads of some creeks! Most of the reds are being caught on a variety of plastics. When you purchase your soft plastics baits there is a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

A pattern that resembles a mud minnow such DOA’s crab golden shriner will work well for reds; as well Bass Assassin’s classic new penny or red/gold shriner or Gulp’s pearl white jerk worm. Zoom has come out with a new swimmin fluke disco violet (for the old timers) this is a salt and pepper fluke with a paddle tail. A few other interesting patterns are Zoom’s super salt plus super hog white. The salt helps a fish hold the bait. The additional arms will push more water. Zoom’s golden bream pattern is another bait that will catch reds. Bubble gum while not traditionally known of as redfish bait in our water is very productive in other coastal areas. Strike King exterme action swim’n jigs are chatter baits that simple to fish can be very effective. Perfect Plastics caffeine shad is another jerk that will resemble a mud minnow and is salt impregnated.

Spring is just around the corner. The spartina is a tan brown color but the first 18 inches peering from the mud is a vibrant green. The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising.

Most of the sheepshead action has been on the offshore wrecks. Legally until further notice fishermen fishing in federal waters will be required to use a circle hook. The unofficial word is that likely sheepshead will given an exception. Till then you use a circle hook.

Large stripers are in the Savannah River system! Last Friday the Georgia DNR electro shocked up two 40 pound stripers close to the flood gates! Those fishing for stripers will likely find fewer fish but larger fish!

With water temperatures quickly rising life it wont be long till whiting start showing up in the sounds! Usually its around mid March when the whiting start to run. This is an ideal time to make up or purchase some whiting rigs. CT at Tybee Island Bait has a wide variety to choose from as well a good supply of mud minnow and fiddlers on hand. Bait shrimpers so far have not been successful in finding shrimp. Don Adams said give things a couple of weeks to warm up.

Tides look pretty this week! Fishermen will likely catch some nice reds. For more consistent action try offshore sheepshead.

Hope this of interest and help! Keep what you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan