Inshore Fishing Report

By | October 12, 2011

Shrimp boats are working the waters off the coast daily in all but the worst weather. When shrimpers are spending their resources they are catching shrimp. This means the specs and reds wont be far behind!

There have good catches recents days but action has not been wide spread. A few boats are doing very well. The majority have struggled with strong winds and difficult conditions.

Temperatures on the coast have been very moderate and even some days warm. In recent days a low pressure system has dominated our weather pattern providing much needed rain to the low country.

Redfish numbers look good and for the most part the bite has been good. A sign of large fish are orange butter flies. When you see lots of orange butter flies and schools of bait fish this is likely where you need to be fishing! On some days we are seeing the butter flies and large of schools of bait as well as catching large reds!

The bite has been sporadic with a good catch one day followed by merger action the next. The biggest factor has been the wind. Strong wind can play havoc with currents. Creating currents that are either too strong or not strong enough. Couple this with lots of sediment in the water and you have the ingredient for some challenging fishing. This said just prior to a front is usually good to very good fishing. The last set of Spring tides pushed in lots of water and lots of bait fish. The bait drew in large reds. The bite was hot! Spring tides are not normally associated with good fishing unless you fishing back in the grass. You never know unless you go. During the fall even Spring tides have the potential of offering some excellence fishing!

Earl, from Adams Bait House said let the water temperature drop five more degrees and the fish will really turn on. A cold snap will drive the little fish deep and congregate the larger ones. Fishing has been good and will likely be much better in the coming days and weeks!

A few black drum are being caught. Most fishermen release those over seven pounds. Fishing in sounds has pretty good as well in the back waters

The best fishing has been the currents weren’t too fast or too strong and fishing close to the grass with shrimp.
Hope this of interest and help!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan