Inshore Fishing Report

By | August 1, 2011

The temperatures have been hot! Don Adams, Adams Bait and Tackle says it’s time to fish for flounder! This past week there have several fishermen with catches up to 25 fish! The best areas will be creeks and slough that are close to beachfront. A favorite tide is low incoming. That said Capt. Will Bill says the time to fish for flounder is when they are biting. Sounds pretty simple but not really. Flounder typically wont bite throughout a tide if you catch one or two the bite might be on. In general the smaller tides are the most preferred.

The seatrout bite in Wassaw sound has been picking up! The bite while not hot has been pretty good. Most of the seatrout being caught are females with roe. Please remember to release any large egg laden seatrout. This could help the seatrout population bounce back from a couple of dire cold winters.

There are lots ladyfish in the sounds! Ladyfish while not considered a food fish is a fun excellent fighting fish that will take a wide variety of baits, lures and flies. Ladyfish have large eyes and excellent sight. These fish will work rips and currents that seatrout run in. Typically when hooked a ladyfish will fly out of the water. Seatrout when hooked will stay deep. The ladyfish action is hot!

Small redfish are plentiful! Most are running around 12 to 13 inches. These are too keep but can supply plenty of action for those wanting to get a tug. When finding school of small reds keep the area in mind it might be a fall hotspot ! The reds are biting hard and fast as they pack on calories for the coming winter. Larger reds are hanging close to structure such as tidal flats and docks.

Most of the shark action has been black tips and sand bars. The shark bite is dependent on bait. When bait is plentiful predator fish will be close by. Bonnet head shark are numerous and typically found close to marsh. Bonnet heads are feeding shrimp and crab. Large bonnet heads are pregnant females. Releasing a pregnant fish is always a good idea. Large bonnet heads fight about as good as any fish in the sound.

Count on summertime fishing to be somewhat problematic due to the heat. In general it’s usually best to fish either early in the morning or late in the day. Tides for the coming look interesting. There will likely be plenty of opportunities to catch fish! Don’t forgety August is usually the peak month for tarpon! With lots of ladyfish in the sounds tarpon wont be far behind!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan