Inshore Fishing Report

By | June 27, 2011

Fishing last week was up and down. Following the storm last Saturday’s night was poor. When the sea bottom gets torn up sting rays are on prowl. Some of the rays can be enormous. Like dolphins, sting rays are an indicator a sign of healthy environment. Immediately following a storm bait fish and predator fish often move to deeper water. Consequently, the whiting bite was good early in the week due to fewer predator fish.

In just few tides conditions improved and the bite was back on! Redfish during the summer can at time be found by fishing deeper water structure. The bite is not red hot but its possible to catch some nice reds. Shrimp are becoming more plentiful. One fisherman stated in about half hour he can catch a couple of quarts. If possible its always nice to have some live or dead shrimp on board! The seatrout bite is picking up most are in 15 to 16 inch. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the CCA of Georgia is recommending releasing those over 18 inches until they show signs that they sufficiently recovered from the last couple of cold winters. Despite not having numbers like previous years possibly to catch some dandy seatrout!

The flounder bite is picking up! Fishing points are a favorite to find stacking up on an incoming tide as they wait for an unsuspecting bait to pass by. Mud minnows are a favorite flounder. When fishing an adjustable float rig, if you don’t get a bite in a pass or two, keep deepening your rig. Getting your bait close to the bottom is tip that can help you catch more seatrout, redfish and flounders!

Before last Saturday’s storm there reports of a few tarpon being caught. As conditions continue to improve the tarpon bite will likely be picking up!

When fishing during the summer often the best time to fish is during the morning before conditions get hot and sea breeze develop Fishing the late afternoon can also be effective. Tides for the coming week look good! There should be opportunities to catch some nice fish!

Hope this report of interest and help!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan