Inshore Fishing Report – Wassaw

By | August 4, 2010

Aug 02, 2010

A friend, Capt.” Wild Bill Jarrell” has said every day the Blue Ridge Mountains are different shade of blue. What does this have to with fishing? Nature is constant change. It is most obvious when seeing areas close beach that have dramatically changed in a matter of weeks. The bite has changed as well. Seatrout that were scare a few weeks ago are now popping in interesting numbers. Most of these fish are between 12 to 15 inches. Lots of first year redfish can be close to marsh grass or oyster rakes. Most of the little reds are between 11 and 13 inches. Definitely another good sign for fishing in the coming weeks! In recent days we have caught some dandy reds on the flats. We have been finding these fish mostly on the high outgoing tide.

Whiting which were scare a few weeks ago are also present in interesting numbers. Some of well known drops are not producing many fish other drops are doing fine. Similarly the shark bite is hot in some places and cold in others. The key is finding water that has what the fish want. Usually that means food. When you area has an abundant food source the fish will likely be there.

Last week there were several tarpon jumped and a few that were caught. Most of the tarpon were caught or hooked up on baits not consider the norm: chunks of whiting, dead pogies, ladyfish and mullet. On some days fishermen lately have struggled finding large ocean menhaden. Large ocean menhaden is usually considered the tarpon bait of choice by most Savannah fishermen. Consequently fishermen are reaching in their bag of tricks. Fishing a whiting, a ladyfish, a mullet or dead pogie is an effective way to fish for tarpon when large pogies are available. The tarpon bite while not awesome is again interesting. Typically the average is seven sharks for a shot at a tarpon. Right now the average looks about right. Those targeting tarpon could likely get a hook up or two in a tides worth of fishing.
Fishing action around some of the outer sand bars can be non stop! Lots of big sand bar and black tip sharks as well as and massive rays.

Despite the heat fishing has been good! Lots of action for those targeting redfish and seatrout. Despite lots of undersized fish fishermen should be able to catch plenty of legal sized fish.

Tides for the coming are building with the high tide Sunday evening at 8.5 feet. The bite will likely be good all week as tides build. With water temperature hovering around 90 degrees ocean fish such spanish mackerel can be found close to the beach. Best chances of success during the summer is usually early in the morning before the day heats up.

Hope this report has been of interest and help!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan