Oct 14, 2009

By | October 14, 2009

Tides are building throughout the week peaking at 8.7 feet on Sunday. Big tides, tides close to the 9 foot range mean strong currents, muddy water and more challenging fishing conditions. If you read this report much you know my preference is larger tides as opposed to extremely small tides. Large tides mean vast amounts of water and fish will be moving. In general the smaller tides are best but when currents are barely moving fishing can come to stand still. Although the tides are high fishermen should be able to catch fish. Clean water and suitable currents should be the key. Lots of trash fish in local waters. A few late season tarpon as well as sharks are on the beachfront. Seatrout and redfish action has been good! Conditions have been warm if not summer like. This week a northeaster has set in bringing a drop to more fall like temperatures. Lots of redfish in all sizes. Shrimp appear to be very abundant. Some fishermen saying they are seeing more redfish than ever and wondering if the boost is due to the redfish stocking project or if nature is just producing more. Whatever the reason redfish numbers appear by most accounts to be good shape. Fishermen like those throwing a cast net get locked into fishing one area. Spreading out just a little could produce big results. Just because several boats are in an area is no guarantee of good fishing. My suggestion if lots are in area look elsewhere. Not will fishing be more peaceful and scenic it will likely be fishier. Try a new spot! Fall is an awesome time of year to drop anchor on a new location. If a spot looks good try it. One fisherman at the marina this week described his catch to me of a little of everything: a few seatrout, a few redfish, a couple of black drums. In short the recount was a good day of fishing. His strategy for fishing came from one my seminars. Likely the spots he fishes I’ll never fish and vice versa. He took general information and applied it to his fishing. Nothing complicated. Just letting the day unfold and good can will happen. Some days can be like work (meaning you have to do more looking to find fish) but even a tough day is fun!

My hope is that you have fun on the water! Redfish bite has been good! When we’ve had clean water and suitable currents we’ve caught some dandy seatrout. Looks like another good year for black drum. Inshore sheepshead can be found close to rock jetties, pilings and other structure. Lots of small menhaden in the rivers. Small blue fish are working the menhaden. Those who like eating blues should be able to find them in the rivers and in the sounds.

Hope this of help! Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan