Apr 14, 2009

By | April 14, 2009

Windy conditions have dominated during the week. Despite strong wind whiting have cooperated. Some seatrout and redfish but the bite has been sporadic. There is a wedge of fresh water along the coast due heavy rain in recent days. This wedge will likely take days or weeks to dissipate. The best bite has been toward the sounds where saltier water can be found. Don Adams, Adams Bait House, is finding shrimp. These shrimp are fairly large white shrimp. A little larger than ideal but good large baits. The consistent word is that the schools of redfish on the flats have broken up and most of reds that can be found are in small groups or singles.

What to fish for? Sounds pretty simple, what’s biting. Some days are best for redfish some seatrout some for sheepshead some for whiting. Fish for what nature will give you. When one species is biting fish for that species. In the coming days the bite will switch from primarily redfish to seatrout. Whiting a relatively small under rated fish can provide plenty of action and excellent table fare for those desiring a few fish to eat. The whiting bite has been consistent. Typically the spring run, spawning run, is stronger than the fall run. This year looks comparable to other seasons. Lots of fishermen have commented about how fishing seems to weeks behind schedule. Some fishermen look at the Spring equinox as the beginning of spring (when the sun is directly above the equator). Other fishermen look at Easter as the critical date as the beginning of Spring since this date is not tied to a fixed date but the first Sunday following Paschal full moon. In short this is interesting but incomplete. Patterning long time weather trends are best left to the scientist rather than a general statement. On the coast we have had lots of wind and rain. Despite the difficulties to those on water the wind and rain is no doubt a good thing mixing and mingling the atmosphere creating a healthier environment.

The coming days should produce good seatrout fishing. The whiting bite has been consistent. Lots of cold water sharks are in the sounds a few black tips as well bonnet head sharks. The sheepshead bite will be slowing down as water temperature heats up. A few strong seatrout catches , up to 30 fish, but for the most part action remains spotty due to nature. Strong wind and very brackish water has made fishing difficult. Fishing lee shores has been critical as well as fishing slowly. Some bites have been extremely soft and slow. As barometric pressure rises and conditions improve the aggressiveness of the bite should improve as well. Redfish and seatrout will react to plastic when twitched nearby but anticipate fewer bites until conditions improve. A few flounder already being caught, a good harbinger for summer! Small bait are pushing into the sounds. Seatrout, mackerel and bluefish will be closely behind the bait. Don Adams (912.898.1550) has been carrying fiddler crabs but call ahead to make sure he still has some on hand.

Hope this of help! See you on the water! Practice and release!

Good fishing!! Capt. Jack McGowan