May 8, 2007

By | May 8, 2007

Plenty of action for the inshore fisherman last week! Seatrout biting in the creeks and rivers as well near the beach fronts! Several seatrout landed in excess of three pounds. Shrimp are in short supply. Some local bait shops are getting Florida shrimp. If you’re depending on shrimp, you better call ahead. Mud minnows are a great substitute for shrimp and usually can easily be obtained either from local bait shops or by setting a trap. There were reports of birds feeding on glass minnows. Blue fish were pushing the minnows to the surface. Birds find the minnows and fisherman find the birds. One fisherman said the blue fish action was non stop and “he can’t wait to target them with a fly!” In short lots of action – a dynamic food chain!

It’s obvious the Spring run of mullet in the Savannah River is taking place. Fishermen can see mullet jumping along the river banks. Fish feeding on mullet wont readily take a smaller bait. Bring your cast net! Fishing the bait that is most prominent can yield good results. Those who like eating smoked mullet now is the time to head up river!This looking a good year for cobia! One Savannah guide: Capt. Greg Davis and Larry Hartenhoff landed five in one outing! Great job! Most of the catches so far have come the Broad River in Carolina.

The redfish bite has been slow. A few good catches but for the most part redfish has been slow. When brown shrimp start making their arrival the redfish bite will likely heat up. At present the action on most flats has been slow. There have some good catches in local creeks. Likewise some flounder being caught but anticipate the flounder to pick as Spring progresses. Whiting action has been good. Sharks are becoming plentiful as temperature raise and salinity remains high.

On Sunday the Savannah area received some much needed rain. It was a slow drenching rain. Rain is critical for a healthy fishery. Rain water helps to balance the salinity and wash needed nutrients into the system. More rain is needed but thank goodness for the rain we’ve received. Wind in coastal fishing is a constant factor. The past week it seems as if we’ve received our share. Despite windy conditions many fishermen found good fish! Seatrout are taking center stage with several large catches and large fish being landed! Keep a few to eat and release the rest! Martha Stewart would say it’s not a good thing to load a boat with large roe trout. Keep a few if desired and release rest. These large roe represent next year crop of fish. Keep a few and release the rest – it’s a good thing!

Hope this of help!

Capt. Jack McGowan