May 28, 2007

By | May 28, 2007

The weather pattern for the last several weeks has been high pressure over southeast. As a result, windy days with little rain. This is likely a record year for the lack of rain. Not a good record. Salty conditions can mean lots of shrimp and lots of seatrout. Nonetheless, rain is very much needed. Last week despite windy conditions seatrout are biting mostly around high tide. On the inside, around back barrier islands, there is a mixture of small males and roe seatrout. A few good catches of seatrout and redfish reported in the Savannah River but the bite has not been consistent. Flounders are showing up in good numbers with the best bite towards the sounds fishing around low tide. Some brown shrimp are in the heads of creeks but Don Adams says of Adams Bait House, the brown still have not come in.

Last week the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) held an annual Guide Meeting in Savannah at the Savannah Mall for fishing guides and any interested persons. Lots of good information out. Lots of folks are going to great efforts not only to put out information but to reach out the fishing community. One piece of pertinent information is that fishermen who charter will need to obtain a mandatory license guide license (in person) starting as of June 1st from either the Richmond Hill or Brunswick office. This license is addition to your personal fishing license. Fishermen can also purchase a voluntary license covering those fishing on their boat. Not many people like change but better managing our fishery is the future. Most people are in favor of more redfish. The DNR , GACCA and the Savannah Sport Fishing Club have combined efforts to “study the efficacity of stocking red drum of Georgia coast”. Basically this means these groups are trying to see if stocking red drum could be an effective way to boost our stock. I encourage those interested in red drum on our coast and in particular those fishing Savannah waters to turn in carcases at drop off points and to participate in the fin clipping project. For complete information on how to participate contact the Brunswick DNR office.

The weather looks like more of same till the latter half of the week. Starting about Thursday rain is expected. Till then expect high pressure to dominate with wind 10 to 20 miles out of the east. Local shrimp are not available. Local bait shops typically are stocking up (Florida shrimp) during the weekt. Bait shops can have plenty one day and out the next. Fishermen who like artificials will likely have less hassle and more fish. Tides are relatively small all week. Best fishing for seatrout likely be in areas where wind and tide are working together to create a better drift. Early morning can also be a good time to fish before the day heats up and the wind picks up. Best tide for seatrout is around high tide. Target flounder near low tide. Some redfish on the mud flats. Look for bait fish or birds to find fish. Those targeting cobia are having a banner year. Most of the action is centered around the Broad River in South Carolina. The last couple of years have been poor to fair for cobia. This year appears to be a very good one! Salty conditions also means sharks. Lots of bonnet head sharks in the creeks.

Hope this of help! Capt. Jack McGowan

Practice catch and release!