Inshore Fishing Report Mar 23, 2004

By | March 23, 2004

East winds working against outgoing water made fishing over the weekend difficult. When fishing a drift or moving water is critical. Water that simply appears to raise and fall with little drift is dead water. There is little or no food chain going. East are difficult because these winds affect the entire sound not a creek or two. Covering lots of might work. A fisherman best chance for success in a strong is fish protected an anticipate a slower bite. Covering lots will usually produced the same results. Work a small area and persist. If you’re catching fish don’t move stay in that area. If you’re experiencing zero success then make a run.

March fishing can be mercurial. One day the fishing is on. The next day fishing is difficult. This is due mainly to wind. Redfish this time are around the barrier islands. A windy day can make fishing these exposed areas difficult. Usually fishermen can find a protected shoreline. All shoreline aren’t equal. Rough bottoms are prime areas. Again back to the drift. The shoreline you’re fishing needs to have some kind of current. The current can be a back current, an eddy, a secondary current or a straight current. The point is there needs to be moving water. Gentle currents are usually the best. Thin grass, points and pockets are likely places to find fish. Often the fish give themselves away by pushing water or hitting bait fish.

Unfortunately a windy day takes away a fisherman chances to see and hear fish. It’s like fishing blind. Capt. Eric said anyone can fish in good conditions. Capt. Eric was kidding when he said this. The bottom line is finding in strong wind is tough. You can catch fish. My advice is gear your expectation lower if you catch lots of fish fantastic. If not realize they’ll be other days when the conditions are more hospitable. A few extra miles of winds more or less can make a dramatic difference. Mud flats that yield redfish are suddenly shut down. Don’t fret it’s just Spring. When winds subside there will be plenty of opportunities to fish exposed water. When winds are up fish lee shores and protected waters.

The seatrout bite is turning on. One group of fishermen reported catching 50 large trout around Ossabaw. The redfish bite looks consistent. Whiting are to run. Bait fish, small pogies can be seen in the Wilmington River. Stripers are active. Live shrimp are available at some local bait shops: Adams 912-898-1550 and Capt. Matt’s Bona Bella Marina call his dock hand George 912-484-2123. The bait that is available is large white shrimp. Large shrimp are a great striper bait. Smaller brown shrimp wont be showing probably for several weeks. Remember there will be a gap when the white have moved out and brown haven’t moved in. You might want to call to ahead to make sure bait is available. Don Adams said he’s finding some bait but he’s having go south for it. When bait shops resupply their tanks bait quickly sell out. I’m convinced a fisherman can catch as many and perhaps more as well as more quality fish on plastics. This might be the year to try something different, you might be surprised! When winds have subsided fishing has been good. Fishing in the wind is tough but fish can be for those who persist. Get ready Spring is here!

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan