The Winter Bite – Fishing Savannah, Georgia winter 2016

By | February 2, 2016

Most of action continues to be on the near shore wrecks. The bite is mostly sheepshead with some sea bass mixed in. Fishermen can also find occasional large flounder while fishing the wrecks. The sheepshead bite has been good! The main bait for sheepshead is purple back fiddler crabs. However, sheepshead will eat other crabs as well. Sheepshead fishing is all about feeling the bite and cranking down on the fish. A light bite could mean a nice fish! Large schools of stag bass can be found on wrecks as well. Redfish over 23 inches cannot be harvested but can be fun to catch. Offshore redfish are typically caught while deep jigging: diamond jigs, spro jigs and others. While most of the action is on the offshore wrecks.

Fishermen can find seatrout and redfish in the head of creeks and on the flats. One recent trip provided several oversized redfish as well as several in the slot. The best of chance of success is pitching soft plastics. When the water is cold and clear long casts are usually the rule. One veteran fisherman was saying he’s catching winter time reds on spinner baits. Typically during the winter fishermen are fishing baits that are more subtle. The point is mix it up if you’re not finding success. The retrieve would be slow in cold water. We caught our fish on soft plastics. Most these fish are going to hang close to whatever structure is around: marsh grass, oyster rakes, tree, timber etc. Sometimes you might see some give aways like bait moving, birds or maybe the fish. Typically you see only a push of water, mudding or a fin. Seldom do see the whole fish. Seeing the fish can happen but not often. You can catch plenty of reds without seeing the fish.

When casting pick a spot where you want your lure to go. Sometimes I’ll say that cast deserves a fish. And sometimes the fish will right where you thought he would be. Redfish can be big hearty fish. During the fall and summer I’m fishing 30 pound leaders during the winter 20 pound is typical. My main line is power pro (20 pound). Smaller baits are more the rule in the winter.

I hope this report is of interest and help! I hope to you at the Savannah Boat Show!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan, Coastal River Charters