What’s up with the bite?

By | March 23, 2015

What up with the bite?

A friend just called and said, he’s normally on a good seatrout bite by this time of the year, what’s going on? The short answer its nature. The bite is behind schedule. One unofficial barometer of spring could be the azalea bushes. When the azalea bushes are ablaze with flowers spring is here! We are seeing some azaleas blooming but the full blaze has not happened. As conditions warm up and fresh water washes out the bite will be heating up! In the mean time, whiting are beginning their spring run on the coast. Although the whiting bite isn’t wide spread the bite at times is has been good. When whiting run other fish wont be far behind. The offshore bite still remain good. When fishermen can get offshore the bite could be good (sheepshead and sea bass)! There’s been a scant bit of seatrout action reported mostly by pitching or trolling soft plastics. Geoffrey Meeks, tackle manager designed a plastic bait aka “thunderbolt”, which is Geoffrey’s confidence bait. Geoffrey is leaving River Supply for another opportunity. Geoffrey is leaving a proven seatrout bait. Trolling white curl tails in local creeks has also reportedly caught fish. Adams bait house is open and is finding some shrimp. This is good news for those fishing bait. Stewart’s bait and tackle has done and is doing a great job stocking fiddler crabs and nice sized mud minnows. There has been some seatrout caught by bait fishermen but so far not lots of action.

The inshore sheepshead bite looks like it is waning as fish head offshore to spawn. The inshore sheepshead will heat up and slow down as fish move between offshore and inshore. The inshore bite appears to be slowing while the offshore bite remains good.

As tides recede during the week conditions will likely be more favorable for fishing. With live shrimp available and favorable tides the bite will likely be picking up. Fronts pushing through still are playing havoc on the bite. Its not unusual to see the bite picking up just before a front arrives. Most consistent inshore action so far are whiting but as conditions improve seatrout and redfish should be heating up!

Hope this is of interest and help!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan

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