Inshore Fishing Report – Early May 2015 Stag Bass, Cobia and Large Roe Seatrout!

By | May 8, 2015

As whiting bite begins to change the seatrout bite is heating! Often people will associate May as the month for large roe trout! Large seatrout can be found on the beachfront as well in the creeks. With bait in many areas in short supply these fish will readily take a live or dead bait or artificials. Ladyfish have arrived about the same time as seatrout. The eyes on a ladyfish are much larger (enabling better eye sight than a seatrout). The ladyfish’s stream lined body enables it to outmaneuver other fish to their prey. Ladyfish can be a hoot to catch but normally not though of as table fair. They do make an excellent bait fish.

Bonnet head sharks are in local waters. Typically though of as first shark to arrive and the last to leave. There are some large (top end) spinner sharks as well black tips are in local waters as well and stag bass.

The report on redfish is good with the folks at Adams bait shop reporting slot sized redfish being caught! Shrimp supplies have been on par for this time of the year. Adams is finding large white shrimp that survived the winter. Recently small brown shrimp are beginning to show up as well. Brown shrimp are the first to show up during the early summer on the coast. Seems a little early for brown shrimp. Nonetheless, it’s good to see them!

The bite so far this Spring has been pretty good despite cooler conditions. Enjoy the cool conditions while we have it! Hot days are ahead.

On the cobia front the bite is starting off a little slow likely due to cooler water temps but conditions can quickly change. The cobia bite is recent years has been strong on several offshore wrecks. It will likely be the same this year. May is typically thought of as the month for cobia!

Overall, the inshore bite has been good and will likely be getting hotter in the coming days and weeks!

I hope this of interest and help! Keep only what you want to eat fresh and release the rest. Support your local CCA Chapter!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan

Keep only what you want to eat fresh and release the rest. The large roe have not spawned out so going light on that is only smart. Releasing one large trout could mean thousand of trout back in the fishery. Hope this of interest and help!