Summer time Fishing! Inshore Report

By | August 4, 2014

This is the year of rain – lots of rain. Finally there is plenty of shrimp in the creeks and bait shops are able to fill their tanks. On the South Carolina/Georgia coast as shrimp goes so the fishing follows. According to a couple local veteran fishermen, its looks like white shrimp have arrived and are plentiful. This years redfish crop likewise appears plentiful lots of small reds being caught and released. Most of these fish are undersized 12 inches or less. Small seatrout are popping also in good numbers. The small seatrout look fat and happy a sign good for fall fishing!

Shark action in the sounds is sporadic. Some large bulls, bonnetheads and sharpnose sharks on flats as well along the sandbars. When fishing for reds and seatrout a heavier rod cast slightly out might catch a variety of sharks. Overall shark action is off likely due to so much rain on the coast. Some large bull reds can along the beach fronts and rips. When mullet start to run in a few weeks anticipate more reds along the beachfront. A few tarpon have been caught. With fewer sharks tarpon fishermen are able to concentrate more on their desired species. The whiting has been fair to good. When currents have been slow almost not moving drifting for shark, whiting and tarpon can be effective. During the summer when flats get hot low incoming can be good tide to fish as well as high outgoing. Typically during the summer best time to get out is early morning before things get too hot.

Overall the bite has been ok. We are catching a wide of fish as well as lots of small fish. This pattern is the typical summer pattern. As fall gets closer these fish will put on size and girth. For now it is possible to work up some good fish but it is taking persistent.

The bite is out towards the beaches but good fish can be found on the inside as well.

Keep only what you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan