Inshore Fishing Report – The Seasons are Changing!

By | December 3, 2013

The seasons on the coast are changing.  The bite can be good.  Places that were holding lots of fish might not produce a bite.  Fish are the move looking for more favorable conditions.  As conditions cool down anticipate the bite to move more inland.  In recent days several fishermen can seen fishing bait or pulling soft plastics behind their boat around Thunderbolt.  These well fished waters have been producing some nice seatrout.  Some fisheremen fishing the Savannah River likewise have been doing very good!  The bite has been mostly seatrout and redfish.

Areas close to the sounds that were producing lots of fish a few days ago might seem void of fish.  As conditions warm up fish will return to favorite haunts.  The movement is more like a yo yo between the sounds and backwaters.  As Miss Judy of Miss Judy Charters has said “just go fishing”.  This is a pretty good statement.  Sometimes fish will sometime show up in some unpredictable places.  The encouragement is don’t wait for perfect conditions just go fishing.  Fishing the conditions for the day regardless whether you are fishing north, south upriver or in the sounds.  In general during the winter when the water is cold and clear with little movement how a fisherman approaches a drop is important.  In short strive to minimize the noise. Second,  if fishing the shallows is not working try fishing deep.  Deep water drops can be effective during the colder months.

Besides seatrout and redfish fishermen can fish for sheepshead as water temperature drops.  The bite can be tricky but this fish can be caught.  Capt. Wild Bill Jarrell says this  fish takes a different skill from any other fish to catch.  All I know is they can test a fishermen and are a fun and tasty fish.  Sheepshead are another a fun fish to fish for as water temperatures drop.  The sheepshead head has been good!

Earl of Adams Bait House says there has been a few stripers caught up the Savannah River.  Stripers are another fish that bite in the colder conditions.

The bite on the coast is changing.  Bait shops are still finding shrimp but anticipate shrimp to become scarce in the coming weeks.

Hope this of interest and help!

Fish On!  Capt. Jack McGowan