Inshore Fishing Report

By | July 24, 2013

Fishing on the coast has been a little up and down. Big tides, wind and lots of rain has slowed the bite. That said summer is time of the year to get lots of tugs on your line! Sea trout can be numerous as well juvenile red drum. Whiting typically plentiful are more difficult find due lots of small atlantic sharp nose and black tip sharks. On the plus side tarpon are pushing onto the coast! The tarpon bite in some spots has been hot and fair in other spots. Rough conditions can limit the opportunities to target this fish. These fish are pushing in and the tarpon bite will likely continue to heat up through the summer and into the fall!

With lots of rain water that’s pushed onto the coast the best fishing will found close to the beachfronts. This is a typical summer pattern that even more applicable now. Conditions can change rapidly on the coast. Typically the best bite during the summer is early morning or late afternoon. An early afternoon sea breeze can make condition rough.

There are large sharks on the flats and on the beachfront! Cut ladyfish or mullet makes a great shark bait! When you’re catching large and small stingrays the bottom is likely stirred up and its best to look for another spot.

Fishing will likely heat up as rain water dissipates and tides subside. Bait (shrimp) has been difficult to come by. Don Adams, Adams Bait House is finding a mix of small and medium white shrimp. When fishing is slow don’t get discourage. As conditions improve fish be hungry the bite back on!

Hope this is of interest and help!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan