Inshore Fishing Report

By | May 6, 2013

Seatrout are biting! Seatrout can be found in the sounds and rivers and creeks. The bite is pretty good! Some fishermen are catching seatrout on soft plastics. One fisherman says – fish dark colors in dark conditions. Seatrout are sight feeders. Often the brightest colors are favorites such as chartreuse. When the water you are fishing is dark, stained or off colored try a dark patterns. Adams bait shop has been finding shrimp. Most of the shrimp are large white shrimp that survived the winter. Some people refer to these shrimp as May prawns. There are some brown shrimp showing up. Shrimp on the Georgia/Carolina coast are a favorite bait. The seatrout we have caught in recent day have been with shrimp either under a float rig or on a 1/4 jig. The bite looks good! Whenever a seatrout pulls like a redfish its a good fish. We seen some seatrout pulling like redfish.

The whiting bite last week seemed to slow. Fishermen are reporting more sharks. Some redfish action but not a lot. Fishermen in the Northeast on some years will have a good striper year and slow year on bluefish and vice versa. Looks a pretty good seatrout year shaping up. So far a slow year for redfish is shaping up. We’ve had several good redfish years particularly when seatrout numbers were down. This year looks like a good year for seatrout and maybe a slow year for redfish. Although last year was a strong fall for large reds on the beachfront. There are more factors than I begin to fathom. In short, looks like a good year for seatrout shaping up!

Springtime can be a good time of year to look for large reds on the beachfront. On most years large reds will run the beachfront during the spring and fall. For several years the spring bite seemed as strong as the fall. So don’t forget the beachfront for big reds!

Fishermen can find lots of mullet in the heads of the creeks at low water. A fresh live or cut mullet will make a great shark or redfish bait!

Hope this of interest and help! Keep what you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan