Inshore Fishing Report 08.07.2013

By | August 7, 2013

Fishing has been good! A lot depends of nature. Strong wind and big tides can make fishing challenging. That said there plenty of days when nature has cooperated as well as some challenge days. Even on the most demanding days its likely to catch some nice fish.The water in most rivers looks more like ice tea than the more typical green color we are use to. The brownish tint is due to ample amounts of fresh water that has flowed to the coast. Its been said perhaps the most critical issues facing the coast is having enough fresh water reaching the coast. For now this is not an issue. One fisherman recently said the marshes look the best he’s ever seen them! A healthy marsh is critical to a healthy fishery. Our marshes look good!

Redfish are showing up in good numbers! Small redfish 11 to 13 inches as well nicer redfish on the flats and in the rivers. Its not unusual to see sea lice on the larger reds. Its thought these fish coming in from deep ocean water. As bait such as shrimp, menhaden and finger mullet push in so do the reds. Redfish moving are showing up local waters in good numbers!

This shaping up to being a good year for seatrout! Most of the action has been close to sounds or beachfront. A favorite tide is low to mid incoming. Live shrimp are becoming more plentiful. The size of the shrimp is mixed. According to Earl at Adams Bait House those buying shrimp should find plenty of shrimp in a quart.

The whiting bite has been strong along beachfront. Brackish water has meant not as many sharks but there are large sharks on the beachfront as well some tarpon. Finding menhaden for tarpon/shark fishing could be easy or difficult. It best to line your bait up in advance and don’t hesitate to fish others such whiting, tomtates, pinfish, ladyfish and mullet. There have been several tarpon caught along the outer sand bars and troughs. The tarpon/shark bite will likely continue to heat up as more bait pushes in and fresh water dissipates.

Hope this of interest and help! Keep what you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan