Fall Fishing in Savannah

By | November 5, 2013

Fishing has been good this fall!  The seatrout and redfish bite looks good!  Currently sheepshead and black drum are showing up!  Pinfish and other trash fish while thick are not everywhere.  Some spots will hold only a few of these small nuisance fish.  The seatrout bite remains strong.  Lots of the seatrout have moved more inland with limits taken out of local creeks and rivers.  Seatrout are on the move!  Drops that produces lots of fish one day can be void of fish the next.  These fish are on move looking for favorable conditions.  Just because you had  a strong bite one day there is no guarantee these fish will be there the next.  Look for seatrout and redfish to continue to press inward as bait moves in.


Speaking of bait.  Shrimp are becoming more scattered as late fall nears.  This mean cast netters and bait shrimpers will finding bait more challenging in the coming days and  weeks.


Recent big tides and windy conditions has slowed fishing this week.  Usually as soon the big tides lessen the bite will heat back up.  Fishermen this time of the year can often catch fish in all but the worst of conditions.  That said when conditions are poor fishing will be more challenging so moderate your expectations accordingly.  When conditions are nice its a pleasure to be out on the water whether fish bite or not.  When the water is  muddy and visibility in the water is poor its still possible to catch some nice fish just not as likely.  As fronts approach reach the coast the bite can be soft and slow.  When this happens fishermen need to be patience.  The fish could have the bait in its mouth.  The fish really isn’t aggressively eating but with patience you can get a bite.


Lastly, when fishing favorite drops its always a good idea to experiment fishing it a different tide stages.  Drops over time can and do change.  The changes might not be apparent to the eye but fishing a drop a various tide stage might yield a new drop!


Keep what you plan to eat and release the rest!


Fish On!


Capt. Jack McGowan