Inshore Fishing Report

By | September 4, 2012

Last week high tides and rainy conditions limited fishing opportunities. Despite inclement conditions (due to hurricane Issac) the flounder and large redfish bite was good!

Fishing points and gullies for flounders can be productive. The first of incoming is typically a favorite tide to fish for flounder in sloughs, on points and along shell ridges as well gullies on the outgoing tide. Mullet are abundant in all sizes. Finger mullet is an excellent flounder and redfish bait! When fishing live shrimp opt for a large shrimp if possible.

Most of the schoolie redfish are between 13 and 14 inches ( small but still a fun tug). On lots of fall days schoolie redfish can be found in interesting numbers. Dolphin are preying on large reds as well as the schoolies. Its not unusual to see even a stag bass with a ripped up tail from a dolphin attack. When the water is muddy water its still possible to catch some nice reds!

As tides subside anticipate the inshore to pick up! Large tides and storms can pull shrimp into deep water. Last week shrimp boats were out in force plying trade. Debris in the water, strong currents, muddy water and wind can made fishing challenging. Last week bite while not hot; although, it was good! Typically fishing on challenging days will mean fishermen will likely have to work harder for their bites. In general, if you find bait seatrout and redfish wont be far behind!

Accurate casting is essential. Sometimes casts will need to be within inches of the structure. It sounds pretty simple if you catch fish at one spot, cast again to the same spot. The difference between catching several dandy fish and just one could just that simply. Pay attention exactly where the fish came from. Stake up or anchor and work that water. The window of opportunity could be just a few minuets or hours. Fish as if the bite will short lived. If you find a hot bite then you can slow and enjoy things. Until then focus on each bite as precious. In poor conditions its likely the bite will only be a matter of minuets.

I hope this of interest and help! This is Capt. Jack McGowan, Coastal River Charters
saying Fish On!