Inshore Fishing Report

By | July 3, 2012

Sounds a little trite but each year is different. This year is no exception! Fishing has been pretty good fish despite higher than normal water due persistent east winds and lots of rain. Sargassum can be seen in the sounds pushed in from the ocean. We’ve had ample amounts of rain on the coast. Ample rain is a good! After a good rain the marsh grass is a vivid green and the shrimp and crabs and fish grow quickly!

As summer arrived we are seeing spanish mackerel along the beachfronts as well some tarpon! Large sharks have pushed into local waters. The whiting bite has slackened due to the abundance of sharks. Redfish still appear to be scattered. Small young of year (this year’s crop of redfish) are just big to bite a hook. So far the large schools of small fish haven’t shown up but any day these small fish will likely appear in numbers. On some days black drum in the 15 inch range can be found schooling on the flats.

The flounder bite is picking up and will likely be getting better as summer progresses. Even on the toughest of days fishermen can usually work up plenty of bites. Sea trout can be found foraging on rips, points and gullies. The sea trout at times has been good! Lots of these are in the 12 inch range. With persistence fisherman can work up larger fish.

Shrimp are becoming more numerous. Demand in local bait shops is still high. If tides are right (a lower tide stage), its possible to find fishing sized shrimp in the heads of some creeks. So take your cast net! Other effective baits are finger mullet, menhaden (pogies) and mud minnows. If live bait isn’t available try a of frozen shrimp. When fish are hungry, they’ll eat!

Fishing will likely be improving as east winds and rains lessen. As Spring tide lessen fishing will likely be improving as we head into the holiday (4th of July).

Hope this report is of interest and help! Keep what you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan, Coastal River Charters