Inshore Fishing Report

By | January 26, 2011

Winter can be tricky time to fish! Nonetheless, cold water can mean good fishing! On once recent trip fishing structure about nine feet deep there were plenty of stripers and reds! A deep water winter pattern isn’t as unusual as sounds. Anything structure that is above the water has the potential to absorb heat and radiate that heat into the water. There are lots of variables just because a pattern worked well one on one tide doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily duplicate it. An increase or decrease of the current can be critical as well the availability of bait. In general in cold conditions don’t expect hot fish. These fish are expending as little energy as possible. Typically fish will hold tight to structure and close to bottom.

Guys that like to fish a bait could find stripers deep! Fishermen could find success deep jigging or dragging a lure deep.

Reds are flats! Reds during the winter can be easily spooked. The splash of a1/4 ounce jig while appropriate on lots of days can way too much during the winter. Long casts are the norm. Downsizing your fishing line, using a section of fluorocarbon leader as well lighter lures can be helpful. On many days you can see a fish throw to that fish and know he’ll eat. During the winter its more problematic. Fish can become very skittish in cold clear coastal water. Sometimes the pressure of hull can send fish scattering. Noise is critical as well. Despite the challenges winter fishing, on some days, can be good as anytime of the year! When fishermen are up to the challenge winter fishing can be fun!

A fishermen and friend George Hammond will be the chef at Tortugas Grille(across the street from the Bahia Bleu marina -2815 River Drive) on January 29th! George is a renown chief. I asked George about the 29th. George said he just likes the owners and restaurant. The menu looks exceptional! For more information or to make a reservation call 912.201.3630.

Winter is great time of the year to get ready for the new year! Attending a seminar or seminars is a fun way to glean lots of information in short period of time. There will be a few seminars you wont want to miss! The first is The SaltWater Sportsman’s Seminar February 5th in Savannah. For information or to sign up contact George Poveromo at 1.800.448.7360.

Miss Judy will be presenting two Inshore Seminars: one on February 19, the second on March 12th. For information you can call Capt. Judy at 912.897.2478.

Hope this of interest and help! Keep the fish you want to eat and release the rest!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan