Inshore Fishing Report

By | December 5, 2011

As 2011 is winding down fishing on the coast is heating up! Its not unusual for some of the best fishing of the year to heat up just before the cold of winter set in. On some year’s the bite will be close to the beach front. On other years the bite will be focused in inland waterways and towards the heads of heads creeks. This year some of best fishing has been close to the beach as well as and on the inside! Mild conditions can mean a prolonged bite. When areas that were holding fish aren’t productive it simply means the bait and fish have moved. Its time to keep looking.

Despite an off year for seatrout in recent days there have been reports of limits being caught close to beach as well some large flounders! Several fishermen are reporting lots of small seatrout. This is a great sign for next year! Seatrout can spawn multiple times during a year. Typically fishermen think of seatrout spawning during the spring and summer months. Given a mild winter its possible for these fish to spawn several times throughout the year. Nature is incredible in its ability to fill in. Less fish means more bait. More bait means it is easier for fish to reproduce. Despite an off year for seatrout were are occasionally catching some seatrout in the two and three pound range. The redfish bite has been pretty good. Live shrimp, finger mullet as well a wide variety of plastics can work well! A Gulp new penny shrimp has been very effective all fall as well mullet patterns.

Water has cleared up following the late November spring tides. The striper bite looks good! Fishermen are finding success pitching flies for stripers! Days when currents aren’t racing are typically the best. Stripers are like seatrout; either they are there or they aren’t. If the striper bite is not on then look for red fish or seatrout. Stripers are an aggressive sight feeding fish. Clean water makes its easier for these fish to feed.

The sheepshead bite has been good and will likely get better as winter approaches! When water conditions are very clear try fishing deep water for sheepshead.

Tides for the coming week look good!

Hope this of interest and help!

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