Inshore Fishing Report

By | September 21, 2011

Fall is almost upon us! The autumnal equinox is on Friday September 23rd. A rough definition is when the day and night is approximately equal. As the fall precedes the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Changes in light periods as well temperature changes mark the change of season from the heat of summer to cool of fall. Cooler temperatures not only means more comfort but also better fishing as shrimp from the sounds move into the creeks and backwaters.

This year is no exception! Already there have been several of nice catches of seatrout and redfish! Lots of these are legal size. A good rule of thumb is that have to measure the fish (to determine if it is a keeper), then toss it back for another day. Fall is definitely in the air! That said there are lots of bait steelers around: pin fish, yellow tails, croakers, tomtates, pig fish, needle and the like. Until the water temperatures drops considerably bait steelers or as one client called them “trick fish” will be thick. Bait steelers can mean there is a food going on. Likely if have enough bait or patience you can some nice fish in that area. If “trick fish” are eating all your bait try pitching a plastic. When pitching for redfish work the edge of grass, a few feet off the grass can mean “trick fish” . The redfish bite has been pretty good! Fish will usually bite nicely just prior to the front. When front hits it typically takes a few day for things to pick up again. The bite has been good in the sounds, on the inside as well upriver or towards the heads of creeks and rivers. As fall progresses anticipate a better on the inside. For now the bite has been wide spread with some good catches of fish. If you are fishing shrimp take plenty of shrimp because there lots of “trick fish” out there!

One good indicator of large redfish in the surf are orange butter flies. In recent days orange butter flies can seen while fishing. Those wanting to fish for large stag bass, fall is an excellent time to fish for stag bass! Seatrout fishermen say when you the tassels on the marsh grass its time to fish for seatrout! Tassels are beginning to appear and seatrout are starting to bite! Fishing has been pretty good on the coast and will likely be getting hotter as we head into the fall!

As we head into this week low pressure is holding on the coast with the forecast of improving weather by the weekend. Typically fish with heavy scales bite better during a falling barometer. The thought is these sturdier fish are less susceptible to pressure changes. For those venturing out this week there should be some nice fish to catch!

Hope this of interest and help!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan

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