Inshore Fishing Report

By | August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene missed the Georgia coast! We wish the best for those that weren’t so lucky. Here the impact was mostly rip currents and higher tides. Fishing just prior to Irene was good! As the outer bands landed fishing deteriorated. This is a typical pattern associated with storms. Fishing in front of is usually good. Once the storms hits it usually takes nature several day to right itself. Over the weekend we experiencing large tides not associated with the storm. This coupled with the storm meant unusually large tides. What happens is bait shrimp and fish are literally pulled out. This could be a bonanza for shrimpers provided there isn’t lots of debris in the water.

Just before the storm the redfish was good! Plenty of redfish from 21 to 23 inches. There are lots of mullet and shrimp around. If you find an area with plenty of bait it’s likely holding fish! Just after the storm hit we still caught some nice reds but the bite wasn’t like the bite prior to the storm.

During the summer its always idea to have on board a rod that could handle a big shark or tarpon! When you on seatrout drop try casting the big rod out and just let sit in a rod holder. It’s not unusual to hook several large fish in a day. If you want to land that fish you’ll likely need to have your boat set up so you can get off anchor quickly. A polyform fender attached to an anchor is a suitable system. If you’ve caught several pin fish you might hook one on your big rod and see what hits. You might not get any takers but you’ll likely be amazed what’s swimming around!

Tides are still pretty high through this week week but not extreme. Following a hurricane the days seems hotter. Make sure you have your sunscreen! Despite less than ideal tides there will likely be plenty of opportunities to catch fish. If the water you are fishing is dirty, off colored, fish with excellent eye sight will more likely take your bait. Ladyfish are hoot to catch but a mess in the boat. If you looking for a seatrout bite best bet work the lady’s for a few minuets. If you catch a seatrout or two stay put. If you are not catching seatrout keep moving. Keep trying other drops. Remember its nature. If you on a seatrout drop and you’re caching whiting it might a day to fish for whiting.

With large tides best bet seatrout higher in tide; reds lower in the lower tide. Shrimp look plentiful. If you see a school of mullet getting busted by a fish there’s probably a big old red under them. Cast to to the commotion!

Hope this of interest and help!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan