May 03, 2010

By | May 3, 2010

Water temperatures this week have warmed to the 70 degrees and above. The bite has been good despite lots of wind!. Large whiting can be found to sounds with several fish in the 14 inch range. Bonnet head sharks have moved into tidal creeks that have ample bait (crab and shrimp). Lots of these sharks are over 36 inches, some over 48 inches. Blue fish (around 14 inches) and spanish mackerel can be found on the beachfront. Reports of lots menhaden in the Savannah River Channel as well on the north end of Hilton Head. When acres of menhaden push in cobia, sharks and mackerel will follow! The redfish bite has been consistently on. According to Earl from Adams Bait Shop shrimp are becoming harder find. This is a typical Spring pattern. White shrimp migrate out. Shrimp supplies can become inconsistent until brown shrimp begin appear. The sheepshead bite has lasted longer than most years with fishermen still reporting very good catches of both inshore and offshore sheepshead. Usually as conditions warm the bite picks up on the inside. Alantic sharp nose sharks are just beginning to appear with an occasional sharp nose beginning caught. The large schools of sharp nose sharks and black tips should start appearing in the coming weeks. A few seatrout catches reported here and there. The seatrout bite is still way off. A few catches being reported in the rivers and in recent days a couple of reports towards the sounds. It is still best to target other species and look at seatrout right now as a secondary catch.

With all the talk about a longer colder winter we are currently finding mackerel on the beachfront as well a good number of flounders. The best flounder bite is typically during the late summer. Right now there is a pretty good flounder bite going on! When fishing your seatrout drops try fishing an adjustable float rig. Put your bait close to the bottom. You might caught some dandy flounders! Ideal places to target flounder are tidal creeks close to sandy bottoms. Gullies and small creek mouths are favorite ambush points for the wily founder.

Tides this week look ideal for redfish, flounder or black drum. Spring is a great time to fish for black drum. Best places are the jetties and old wood structure such as an old piling or fallen trees. This is also an ideal time to target cobia!

The unusual sighting last week was right whale in the Savannah River Channel, close to marker 20! This whale was likely following schools bait into the channel. This is amazing to hear of a whale inside the sound! Likely enormous amounts of bait are pushing in! Cobia fishing could good!

Hope this of interest and help! Keep only what you intend to eat and release the rest!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan