Mar 01, 2010

By | March 1, 2010

As winter is winding down fishermen are getting ready for Spring fishing! The Savannah Boat Show, Bass Pro Shop Savannah Fishing Classic as well the Savannah Chapter Coastal Conservation Association Annual Banquet were all excellent opportunities for fishermen to gather and enjoy good friendship as well exchange plenty of good information through seminars or just conversation. When attending events such as these you can not help but learn more about fishing, make new friends and reacquaint with old ones. If you could not attend, you might want to schedule a few of these events in for 2011. There is always plenty to learn! When listening to a seminar I try to go by the three rule. If I hear something three times this is likely something important. When guys are saying the same thing you can pretty much count on it. Also when you listen to seminar perhaps a large portion wont pertain to your type of fishing. The trick is pick out what you can use then apply it. If you’re learning a new knot try tying it as soon you can.

Now back to fishing – redfish numbers look good! Anglers are catching reds on a variety of soft plastics and flies. One seminar tip is you can soften the way your bait or plastic hits by slowly pulling your line as before your plastic hit the water. This is something I do and often instruct those on my boat on how to cast in skinny water. Redfish can be very skittish. Long soft casts can greatly help during this time of the year.

The sheepshead bite has been good! A fellow guide recently said the offshore is good but the big ones are still inshore. Best bet is call ahead if planning on purchasing fiddler crabs from your favorite bait shop.

The water is still pretty cold. Don Adams of Adams Bait House said normally the water temperature this time of the year will be around 53 degree. Don said todays’ reading was at 50 degrees. This is much colder than norm. It will likely take afew warm days before water temperatures start to climb.

Some seatrout have been caught during the last couple of weeks on mud minnows and bits of dead shrimp. Some Stripers action up river despite unusual currents. The tide can be coming in and the flow is going out. Most of the striper action has been with finger mullet and jigs. Those catching fish are fishing deep and near structure.

As winter is winding down the opportunity to attend seminars is also winding down. Check the Coastal Conservation Association for upcoming banquets. This is a great way to support the coast and enjoy the company of fellow fishermen!

Hope this of interest and help!

Fish On! Capt. Jack McGowan