Inshore Fishing Report Sep 14, 2010

By | September 15, 2010

Fishing was challenging last week due to high tides, muddy water and wind. Despite the conditions lot of small redfish were caught. Some of these fish measured forth teen inches. Most of the redfish are still undersized. The good news is that it looks like there are plenty and there are lots of larger fish!

Fisherman targeting reds back in the grass have been able to find some dandy fish! This is shallow fishing pitching soft plastics or a fly in one or two feet of water. When tides are high fishermen can catch some nice reds in the grass. Last week was no exception!

There is a wide variety of fish in our coastal waters. One fishermen said he had five different fish. Actually this is common. Ladyfish are numerous and can make up lots of the bite this time of year. Sharks while still present don’t seem to be as numerous. When the shark bite begins to taper, the whiting bite is heating up. While large catches of whiting have not been reported. Nonetheless, fishermen are able to catch a dozen in an outing with lots of throw back whiting. When fishing for stag bass, large red drum, a piece of cut whiting makes an excellent bait!

Last week there reports of late season tarpon off the beach of Tybee. There was even one report of a fisherman hooking one off the pier at Tybee. As could be expected that fish got away. Some small seatrout action as well a few nicer seatrout caught last week.

Coming off spring tides last week, large tides over nine feet, fishing should be dramatically picking up. Persistent east,northeast winds have push water well into the river system and it will likely be several days until the tides look normal. Nonetheless, fishing should be picking up as tides are decreasing!

Shrimpers have made some excellent catches in recent days. This is another good sign that we’ll likely have some good fishing in the coming days and weeks!

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Hope this of interest and help!

Fish On!

Capt. Jack McGowan