Jan 11, 2008

By | January 11, 2008

Received a call today from Larry, Larry’s Bait & Tackle. Larry says he has shrimp and will likely have shrimp throughout the winter! Larry’s phone is 912.272.7339. Larry’s shop is located in Port Wentworth close to the Houlihan Bridge. Most bait shops in the Savannah area close during the winter. Bandy’s located off of Diamond Causeway and Larry’s Bait & Tackle are two shops fishermen that are open for winter business..

Redfish action in Salt Pond has been consistent. Fishermen are averaging six or seven redfish per boat per outing. The numbers while not high have been consistent. Redfish are an excellent fish to release and catch. A seemingly large school can fish down by a relatively small number of boats in little time. Lots of small seatrout in the sounds. These small trout will grow quickly and should be a good sign for the coming year!

The unusual catch this week were large whiting in one of local creeks. The report was as fast as the rig would hit the bottom a large whiting would be on it. Whiting fishing isn’t just during the fall and spring good whiting catches can happen during the winter!

Winter time is good time of the year to target deep holes in creeks at low water. It possible to see some spectacular winter fishing by working the holes. One favorite technique is pitching jigs or jerk worms. When your’e on the fish you’ll know it! Fishing the flats is another favorite winter time pattern. These flats soak up heat when exposed during low water and releases heat energy as water flood over the flats. Bait and fish are attracted to these warmer spots. Flats can be red hot one day and cold the next. Keep in mind fish move. Generally a prime time for fishing the flats is from about hour and half into the incoming till an hour an half before high tide. The shallower draft of your boat the sooner you can get on the flat. Some boats require just a few inches. Think light when fishing the flats during winter. DOA shrimp are good choice. Down sizing your jigs to 1/8 oz. is likely a good move. When the water is still, not much current moving, and very clear fishing lighter can make a big difference!

Striper action appears to be slowing. One fisherman who has consistently been catching stripers caught just one after a full day of pulling lures. Striper fishing is little mercurial. Big catches followed by little or nothing. When this fish moves into local waters they make their present known. When they are scare fishing is tough. Should be some good striper ahead. Those fishing around the Houlinhan Bridge generally seem to do better on smaller tides with less current.

Winter is a great time of the year to be thinking sheepshead! The inshore catches are usually smaller fish and smaller numbers than what’s caught on the wrecks. Nonetheless fishing dock and bridge pilings, rocks and fallen trees on the inside can be very productive.

Hope this of help! Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan

HOPE TO YOU AT MISS JUDY’S INSHORE SEMINAR AT TUBBY’S. SATURDAY JAN.19TH! Give Miss Judy a call for details 912-897-2478..