Oct 15, 2007

By | October 15, 2007

Fishing has been good despite constant wind. Typically a northeaster will blow for week then lay. Windy days for the past month have been rule. Fishermen who have found fish have produced catches of large seatrout and redfish. It’s not unusual to hear of catches of over fifty legal reds with fishermen keeping only fish 16 inch fish or greater. Those finding success are finding clean water with little or no trash fish. Seatrout are on move fattening up before winter. Seatrout might be thick as thieves in an area for a several days then gone. Trash fish usually don’t have a big presence when seatrout and redfish are around. Fishing a drop with lots of trash fish then suddenly no trash are biting. Stay put! The bite is likely about to turn on Some fishermen have covered massive areas in search of seatrout and redfish with little no luck. Water temperature is high enough to have plenty of trash fish (pin fish, pig fish, yellow tails to name a few) present. When fishing an area with lots of trash present expect to go through your bait quickly. A strategy that works is limit your shrimp to just a few shrimp unless the drop starts producing. Best bet when trash fish are biting just move. Shrimp are plentiful. Both seatrout and redfish are keying on shrimp. This is time of year to fish some of the many types of poppers and rattle floats. They all work. Find the one you like and it will likely be your next secrete weapon. Look for ones that cast well, make a nice rattle or pop and retrieves easily. Betts makes several good ones as well the all time favorite Cajun Thunder.

Black drum are present. On days with little or no drift this can be the time to pick up not only redfish but black drum as well. A give away for a drum bite is the shrimp is eaten from the tail to the head. When you think drum are present start tail hooking and crushing your bait. Drum are excellent fighting fish. Most are in the three to five pound range.

Those enjoying eating a mess of whiting now is likely time to catch a mess. For best success fish lee shores close to the sound using cut bait, pieces of squid, or shrimp. Lots of sting rays so be careful when handling or you might have an unplanned visit to the emergency room. A few large female bonnet head roaming the inshore waters but not nearly what was there just a few weeks ago.

A friend an avid fisherman Joey Wiggly is thinking about starting a sport fishing club for artificals only. Joey is testing the water to see there interest to sustain a group like this. As tournaments become more popular groups that are catch and release and artificial only will log valuable time on the water for tournament fishing. If there is an interest email me your name and number and I’ll forward it to Joey.

One note of caution when fishing the Savannah River and the jetties pay close attention to where you are in relation to the structure. Accidents can happen. Don’t cut corners. When in doubt, put it out.

Tides for the coming week look excellence!

Hope this of help! Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan