May 21, 2007

By | May 21, 2007

Last week was a pretty tough week for inshore fishing. Evening tides were unusually high. Day time low tide were in the negative range. Couple extreme tides with strong wind, smoke from the Ware county fire, and not much bait in local waters and that what local conditions were like. The fishing last week was a little like work. That said we still caught some nice fish. Monday was likely the fishiness day with constant seatrout, redfish and ladyfish action. Caught a couple of flounders as well. The bite became more difficult as the week progressed. The typical catch was four or five nice fish in four hours. We caught and released several small trout that might have measured. Most fish bit soft and tentatively. The bite can change with in a matter of hours. A soft bite today does not mean a soft bite tomorrow!

Don Adams, Adams Baithouse, has been buying shrimp from Florida. Florida shrimp are little smaller than what we’re use to but still a good hardy bait. When fishing Florida shrimp definitely look for the bigger shrimp your bucket. The lowly mud minnow is great Spring time bait as well. Flounder are starting to show up! We’re not catching a lot so far but likely averaging a flounder or two in addition to the seatrout and reds. The flounder bite will be heating up in the coming weeks! Redfish action has been slow but will likely be picking as well as tides subside and brown shrimp start appearing in local waters. Seatrout remain center stage with good catches near the sounds and in local rivers.

Despite drought conditions fishing near the flood gates has been slow. Some fat seatrout and reds are well upriver. When fishing areas with lots mullet. Try fishing mullet or mullet imitation lures. Drought conditions means salty water. Salty water means sharks. Fishermen should have little problem getting their line stretched by these toothy critters.

Fishing for the coming should be improving! Coming off of Spring tides, the current will be less and the water will be cleaner. Mild days with little wind will be a pleasure to fish regardless of the catch. The conditions will be much more auspicious for catching fish. When winds kick up windward shores can be hot spots to fish until they become to rough; then fish lee shores and protected waters.

Hope this of help! Capt. Jack McGowan

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