September 06, 2006

By | September 6, 2006

Sharks, redfishsh and flounder continue to make the bulk of the inshore bite this week. Small black tip sharks are plentiful. Redfish can be found along oyster bars. Flounders can be near sandy bottom creeks close to the beach front. The bite has been good but as tides continue to build through the coming week anticipate strong currents and dirty water. Tides by this weekend will peak at 8.7ft.. These are high tides. Best chance of success will likely be at the top or bottom of tide or fishing back in the grass in search of redfish. Either way big tides are a challenge to fish. The bite this week for redfish was not an aggressive bite. Working artificials slower was more productive. Berkley’s lime tiger shrimp, similar to electric chicken, is good bait to work on a slow bite. This time of year with so many small redfish down size your jig to a smaller Gotcha jighead rather than a wider gap jig. The wide gap jig will impale many of these fish in the eye. Fish the wider gap jigs as the season progresses. Some fishermen are keeping the small redfish. More and more fishermen are realizing there is not much meat on these small fish and secondly there is likelihood these small fish will become much larger and even more fun on light tackle! When ever possible practice catch and release! A word of caution about fish grippers we all like to use. Those devices which grip the lip might be damaging the fish. Weight your fish in your landing net. If you use a gripping device use it to steady the fish. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Fishing for the remainder of week will be challenging. Try to find clean water and areas without blasting currents or fish back in the grass. Plenty of bait in the creeks and rivers. Next week when tides abate the bite will pick back up. For the remainder of this week when you find good conditions you will likely catch fish.

Hope this of help.

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack