Inshore Fishing Report Mar 29, 2006

By | March 29, 2006

Sounds pretty trite fishing has been good when find you can find the fish. The past few weeks this has especially true. Redfish are good numbers. It just a matter of finding them. For best chances of success fish mud flats close to the sound. Always go light on the number you take. Shrimp are in good supply and are the bait of choice. Despite windy conditions the bite has been good. The bite has been on both outgoing and incoming tides. Wind can muddy the water making it tough for a fish to find your bait. Water that isn’t filthy is more likely to produce fish. Cleaner water is usually on the lee shore. Fish can be found schooling or one at a time. Small menhaden are in rivers. Plenty of shrimp still available but Jimmy Adams said they are getting harder to find. This is typical Spring pattern until brown move in around the 1st of June. Some seatrout being caught. Lots of reports of small seatrout as well some larger ones. Cold water sharks in the sounds as well small whiting. The whiting bite is still warming up, still little slow with most of whiting only 10 inches. Large stag bass on the beach fronts the difficulty is finding a day when the wind is laying down. Water temperature around 62 degree is ideal for stag bass.

Tides today were a little higher than predicted resulting in debris in water. Tides will be subsiding through the weekend resulting in good tides for fishing!

Hope this of help! Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan