August 3, 2006

By | August 6, 2006

The days have been hot! Despite the heat fishing has been good particularly in the sounds and around the beach fronts. Best fishing has been before midday. The wind has been consistently out the south (usually a southeast or southwest wind). When winds are forecasted at 5 to 10 knots, you’re likely the wind on the coast 5 to 10 knots stronger. Last week small tides meant slow drifts. When the wind and tide were opposing the drift was poor. Despite small tides and poor drifts several fishermen brought in nice catches of seatrout. Capt. Matt Williams on a Miss Judy’s charter brought in several nice trout. Capt. Matt said the action was consistent and that he could have caught fish on ten other drops! Cliff Avery who fished me on a Miss Judy’s charter last Wednesday said it was best fishing he has experienced. We fished for seatrout. Capt. Rick also reported a good catches of seatrout.

As the day heats up seatrout, large whiting and small sharks can be found in 15 feet or deeper water on the ledges of sandbars. Seatrout action at times can be fast and furious. Seatrout are running in all sizes with most are undersized. Nonetheless, there have been plenty of legal fish as well as large roe trout. In general, the seatrout are in a summer pattern moving from the beach fronts to the sounds. Days with overcast skies and a good drift have been an ideal for trout fishing. Despite a nonchalant attitude displayed by some trout fishermen, this summer has produced some very good trout fishing! If the trout fishing this summer is any indication this fall could produce some good to excellent fishing! Large roe trout are prized for their food value. Nonetheless going light on this fish is only smart. Cliff Avery, said he likes to practice CPR. Cliff said catch, take a picture and release! Cliff I said I’m tracking. The point is that a fisherman doesn’t have to kill every fish they catch to have a good time. Practicing catch and release or keeping a few fish is smart! Fishermen who try to rationalize their fishing by few more fillets are viewing this fishery in the short term. Keeping a few fish no problem. Maximizing your take will likely help create a poor fishery for not only yourself but for future generations. The future of a successful fishery on the Georgia is catch and release (per Spud Woodward Georgia DNR)!

Back to the report. Shrimp are ideal size for fishing! Bait shops should have ample quantities of shrimp. Mud minnows are plentiful. Finger mullet are showing up! When the finger mullet show up redfish wont be far behind! Flounder bite has been pretty good. Nonetheless, this is a tricky fish to catch. The best bite has been on lower water with mud minnows. Spanish are showing on the rips. Pogies,( menhaden), are everywhere one day; the next they can be hard to find. When pogies are difficult to find try fishing other baits: mullet or other small fish. Best fishing has been on the beach fronts and in sounds!

Tides for the coming week are small in the 6 foot range. Should be plenty of opportunities to target seatrout, flounder and redfish. Avoid the heads of creeks until the heat breaks. Fishing the sounds and beach fronts should be fishier and more pleasant fishing!

Hope this of help!

Capt. Jack McGowan