April 26, 2006

By | April 26, 2006

Fishing has been good! Good reports of seatrout, redfish, sheepshead, whiting and sharks. Most of the large roe seatrout action continues to be in the creeks and rivers although this pattern is changing as more seatrout are starting to be caught in the sounds. Capt. Eric reported catching nine seatrout in Salt Pond. Redfish action slowed as temperatures soared to the low 90’s. Lots of bait fish, menhaden, have pushed deep into local rivers. These fish will attract large redfish as well many other fish. Large redfish are also feeding on glass minnows that find themselves trapped on wind ward shore lines. Birds can indicate an awesome spring time food chain. Active feeding terns can reveal schools of redfish, seatrout and ladyfish. Although it seems early there already been tarpon spotted along local the beachfronts as well a few black tip sharks. A few nice flounders have been caught this week but most than been small. The whiting bite has been good. There were reports of good sheepshead catches on some of near shore wrecks. This seems a little late for sheepshead. Lots of wind during the week muddied waters and making finding clean water difficult. With small tides garfish can show up. Garfish and redfish are not incompatible. Garfish are not necessarily a sign a poor fishing. Nonetheless, you need to see something else like clean water, bait fish, birds, or fish. The point is you need see something besides garfish. Garfish alone are not a very auspicious sign. Scanning a grass line might reveal birds actively feeding and a food chain in process! As mud flats heat up anticipate redfish to leave the flats seeking cooler water. Hot days will likely mean mud flats will too warm to hold fish for long. Areas close to deeper water, current, and plenty of bait will become likely hot spots.

Tides for the remainder of the month should allow for plenty of fishing opportunities.

A few words about sharks. Yes they’re in! Troy Bradely reported his son Brian caught several large sharks in Wassaw sound. Brian said the “sparks were flying off his reel”! Now that’s a good shark bite! I think a couple of those of sharks are likely still running. Don’t worry there’s plenty more, summer hasn’t begun!

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan

Keep a few, release the rest!