Inshore Fishing Report July 05, 2005

By | July 5, 2005

We are definitely in a summer pattern. Hot days followed a chance for afternoon thunderstorms on almost any day. Capt. Brian of Miss Judy Charters says if you want to catch trout think deep. Brian says the best bite is in 12 feet and deeper. Most fishermen concentrate on grass line and shell rakes. Brian says there are lots of small fish in the hot shallow water. Salinity might be factor. Lots of rain can make surface water brackish and less favorable. Conditions can change quickly. Ample rain can drive bait fish and the fish that feed on them to saltier water. This was pattern for last week. Several days without large amounts meant that bait fish returned to the sounds. Be prepared for the heat if you fish past 11. Either fish early in the morning or latter in the day. Given the heat and small tides for the coming week for best success try to avoid fishing during the middle of the day. Those who target tarpon, sharks, triple tail and spanish will likely fare better than someone targeting seatrout or redfish during the middle of the day.

There have been several good reports from Salt Pond this week for trout and bass. Lots of small bass as well good numbers of 27 inch redfish caught and released. Despite the holiday weekend (4th of July) fishing pressure was not as heavy as it could have been. Fewer fishermen on the water means more options. If one drop fails to produce you could try something else. Just as important if you’re catching fish you’re not likely to attract other boats. Fishermen anchoring on rips have been catching spanish. Lots of blue fish have in local waters. When fishing a drop and the small fish (trash fish) aren’t biting. There could be large trout or redfish close by!

Fishing for the coming week could be good. It all depends on the storms and being flexible to lean into what’s biting. If seatrout and redfish bite is slow try tarpon, shark, spanish or triple tail. Capt. Eric landed 3 triple tail in the 15 pound rangelast week on one outing. Redfish action was likely slow. Most fishermen believe once shrimp boats show up in the sounds the triple tail bite is over. This likely isn’t engraved in stoned. This is one fish we really don’t know that about. In short if fishing slow try something different. Capt. Vern reported catching keeper size sea bass on some near wrecks. With all the brackish water (and calm conditions) we’ve been having fishing the near shore wrecks is an excellent idea! Large whiting have reported in front of Williamson as well close to the sea buoy. Large schools of menhaden offshore as well as on the north end of Tybee. and in the South Channel. Shelby Myrick said he spotted around 20 tarpon close to the Warsaw sea buoy (in groups of 3’s and 4’s).

Peach State Reds Initiative

Doug Hayman spoke to a small group of the Savannah CCA last Thursday to talk about the Peach State Reds Initiative. The initiative is a plan to begin a stocking program to determine if stocking redfish in practical on our coast. Most fishermen will wholeheartedly agree stocking is desirable. Fishermen will now an opportunity to make history on the coast by participating in a fishing tournament designed to take 24 adult redfish from local waters. The benefits of this ambitious program wont be fully realized for years to come. Nonetheless a successful redfish stocking program will help secure the future of redfish on our coast. The Peach State Reds Initiative is a significant step in the path to determining if stocking is a viable alternative. For any who enjoy the sport of fishing for reds or those who simply interested in securing this fish’s place on this coast I want to encourage you to be part of this cause.

For more information contact: Doug Hayman or Spud Woodward at the Georgia DNR 912.264.7218.

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan