Inshore Fishing Report June 16, 2004

By | June 16, 2004

Fishing conditions have been challenging for the past week. Strong (east, southeast) winds made for difficult fishing. Although fishermen who fished lee shores were able to catch some nice redfish. Seatrout fishing was slow due little drift. Flounder fishing continues to improve as summer progresses. Lots of small blacktip sharks can be near almost any sandbar. There have been reports of monster sharks in the Wilmington. The whiting bite is slowing as sharks become more plentiful. Local bait dealer, Don Adams reported dragging for shrimp was tough due to overly clear water. Don stated he made four drags in Gray Creek and caught a quart and half. Don said the bait is there but the water is too clear to catch them. This is a complaint you don’t hear too often. Don said the shrimp can get out of the way of his net in extremely clear conditions. The local bait situation is still inconsistent but will be improving towards the end of the month. Don said this week he has shrimp from Florida. Jack Crevalles have already been caught in the Wilmington. Looks like it will likely be a good year for jacks and tarpon. Last week we marked large schools of bait but everything appeared to be down. Small mullet and brown shrimp are plentiful in the creeks. Those who are a little more energetic can likely catch plenty of bait in short order.

Tides for the coming week are relatively mild. Should be good tides to try your luck at flounder or redfish. Simple bottom rigs ( carolina rigs) and jigs can work well on days with poor drifts. Last week we caught seatrout on carolina rigs while float rigs weren’t producing. Fish lee shores when winds knick up. Fish early to avoid the heat if possible. Fish a drift or moving water. Slack tide or still water is the most difficult to fish. Keep a few and release the rest.

Good Fishing!!! Capt. Jack McGowan

Tip of the week
Fish lee shores when winds knick up. There are two schools of though one says when the wind is blowing on a shore line, bait is likely to be pushed in. Perhaps but you’re more likely to be in difficult conditions with muddy water. This is not conducive to catching fish. What looks good to you is what will likely hold fish. Fishing lee shores will make your fishing more enjoyable and likely more fishy!