Inshore Fishing Report June 08, 2004

By | June 8, 2004

Well I would be remiss if I did not mention the G8 submit and security on local water ways. In short stay clear of the Savannah River, the South Channel up to and including Field Cut. Fishing has been mixed bag. There have a few excellent sea trout catches near outer sand bars and sloughs. Sharks are very plentiful as well as ladyfish Local bait shrimpers are catching brown shrimp. The size of most local bait is about prefect for fishing, not too large, not too small. Landing Harbor, Bandy’s as well as Adam’s Baithouse are currently stocking shrimp. Shrimp are relatively plentiful in local creeks. Nonetheless call ahead as bait shops are still having difficulty getting enough bait on hand to satisfy local fishermen.

Yes, it seems a little early. Large schools of bait fish have been inconsistent. Schools of bait fish are here one day and gone the next. Nonetheless, there are reports of a couple of tarpon landed. Best tarpon fishing is still ahead when pogies are more abundant Should be a good year tarpon and jacks.

Probably the most consistent fish on the coast are providing fishermen with plenty of action. Best tide to fish. Mid outgoing to low going tide. Yes, you can target redfish on almost any tide. Mid outgoing is generally deemed the best because the fish have get out of the grass with the tide. Remember wherever you fish for redfish keep plenty of water under your boat. Getting stuck is no fun. Fishing for redfish is like going to a party. Enjoy the party (the fishing) just don’t stay too long. Small first year fish are showing in the Herb River. Small redfish will be abundant probably by July. These fish will be too small to keep but fun to catch. It easy to watch this grow a little each week by fall these small fish will 14 to 16″. Large schools of small redfish means we will likely have some nice redfsih by fall. Fishing for redfish has been good. Even the best oyster bars or mudflats can only take so much fishing pressure. The redfish limit in Georgia is 5 fish limit per person. This is highest limit on the Atlantic.

Keeping 20, 23 inch will hurt any school of redfish. Our limits are likely too high for our fishery. I’ve heard it said a 23 inch redfish is too beautiful to catch only once. My thought is keep one or two for supper if you desire and release the rest. Redfish have a large rib bone. After cleaning the fish you’ll be left with not much for the size of the fish. If you’re targeting fish to eat try catching and keeping a variety. Whiting eat surprising well, as do flounder and seatrout. A small shark or two will provided plenty of fish. Think variety!

Seatrout as mentioned earlier can be found towards and sloughs. There have some good catches of seatrout. Conservation still needs to be the watch word with this fish. Roe trout are in the waters. Many veteran fishermen believe the quality of our fishery has declined as usage has increased. Again our limits are higher than neighboring states. Keep a few fish if you desire and release the rest! We as fishermen as a group need to escape the mentality of scraping the bottom of barrel, of trying to catch the last fish. Instead my encouragement is view fishing as an adventure. Keeping some fish is a bonus Keep the future in mind!

Good Fishing!!! Capt. Jack McGowan

Tip of the Week -Fishing Etiquette
Don’t follow the heard. Lots of boats usually doesn’t equate to great fishing. For example one boat is fishing an area. A boat pulls up, then another and another. This is pretty lame. Fish an area according to conditions not according to number of boats. When fishing around other fishermen leave ample room, as not to disturb fishing conditions for others. When a fishermen is catching fish never but never try move in. I don’t care how nice a guy you are this is inconsiderate!