Inshore Fishing Report Sep 17, 2003

By | September 17, 2003

Fishing for the past week has been fair to good. When fishermen have found clean water fishing has been productive for redfish, black drum and small trout. Incoming tide has been productive for sea trout while the best bite for large redfish and black drum has been close to high tide. Shrimp are thick so if you’re not fishing live shrimp you’re probably missing a beat. Mud flats and areas like Salt Pond have produced good catches of both trout and bass in recent days. Lots of fishermen are on the water this time of year. In regards to one fisherman I’ve seen on the water several times in recent days Capt. Brian said “don’t these guys ever work”. All I say is I’m not sure, truth is as fall draws near many fishermen will take off or plan vacation time to coincide with trout fishing. Fishing looks promising for fall. Ample spring and summer rains have helped to produce healthy amounts of shrimp which is a primary food source for most inshore fish.

Tides look good through this week and on through the week end. So far strong winds have yet to materialize as Isabelle passes by. In windy conditions fish lee shores. The shore lines that are out of the wind. Look for clean water and bait. When you find those conditions clean and bait you’ll likely find fish.

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan