Inshore Fishing Report Nov 27, 2003

By | November 27, 2003

Big Tides, Dirty Water and Redfish back in the Grass
Fishing prior to Thanksgiving was generally tough. The exception were for those who found some redfish and clean water. Tides have been high. A persistent northeast wind push water higher than expected with several high tides well over 9 feet. Extremely high water gave some opportunity to fish back in the marsh grass. The difficulty with this of fishing is there are lots places for the fish to hide. With a little luck fly fishermen and conventional fishermen can pull a few fish under extreme conditions. The high tide on the 28th (the day after Thanksgiving) will will be a high of 8.4 not bad but not great. As tides continue to fall going into the weekend fishing should improve. High tide can suck bait from the creeks into the sounds. Tides Saturday and Sunday should be easy to fish with high tides of 6.7 and 6.6 respectively. Sometimes the first “good tide” after a spring tide will provide some good fishing. My thought is fishing definitely be better than the past week. Whether fishing is fast and furious remains to be seen. If the bait and fish move in fishing should be good. If you have some favorite near wrecks this could be an excellent time to give them a try. There’s still plenty of bait in the bait shops. Like previous years most will try to stay open till New Year’s. Bait in the coming weeks will be shorter supply. You might want to call if you don’t want to be disappointed. Hope you all caught a lot of fish over the holiday! If not wait a few days and conditions will change. The bite for past week has been mostly redfish on float rigs. We’ve caught some small redfish that look that looked like they ran a gauntlet this week between fishermen, porpoises and high tides. Fishing will likely return to a more seasonable bite this week

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan