Inshore Fishing Report Aug 18, 2003

By | August 18, 2003

Fishing has been good in the Savannah area! Sea trout are biting on the beach fronts. Lots of small red fish near almost any structure. Most of these fish have already reached 12″ in length some are 13″. We’ve been catching more black drum in local waters usual. Tarpon fishing is probably better off Savannah than further south due to warm local waters and colder temperatures further south. Sharks appear more numerous in deeper water, possibly due to saltier water further off shore. Spanish can be seen on the beach fronts as well as an occasional king. The down side to summer time fishing is there lots of small fish to steal your bait. This is a good time to fish a fish or an artificial. You’ll get plenty of action on shrimp although sometimes its hard to keep your bait in the water long enough for a larger fish to find it.

Tides will building though the 27th often this means the bite will building as well. Sometimes just before a front passes the bite will pick up. In general usually the best fishing will either be during the morning hours or in the afternoon. Fish can bite during the heat of the day but usually this will the slowest fishing. Should be plenty of opportunities during the week for some good fishing!

Good Fishing! Capt. Jack McGowan